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Raw Business Magazine is an extension of our already successful online business and delves deeper into the lives and minds of successful entrepreneurs and business owners. Each month, we will deliver interviews with high-profile entrepreneurs such as Duncan Bannatyne, Doug Richard, Emma Wimhurst, Lisa Keeble, Levi Roots, Rachel Elnaugh, PR Guru Max Clifford and of course, our very own private investor Simon Dolan. The magazine also contains key editorial features by successful entrepreneurs including key Raw Business personnel and members, talking about their past, present and future aspirations. Raw Business Magazine takes an open and honest look at the fight that our entrepreneurs face to reach their success providing inspiration, tips and advice to those facing similar struggles today. On the flip side, it is also a place where you can promote your own company and its success by inserting your own advertorial or advert, along with being able to list your company details in our comprehensive classified directory.

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  • 10,000 printed editions distributed to subscribers and on the shelf.
  • Direct email distribution to 30,000+ inboxes across all UK business sectors.
  • Reference and link to magazine on main website, in newsletters, networking groups, events.
  • Target Market: Start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, SME’s.

Columnists: We are adding new columnists to Raw Business Magazine every month. Please check our main website to read columnist profiles


8 responses

5 10 2008
Gary & Liz Guillon

Hi Bradley,
I was touched by your entry of 30th Sept. You have obviously been “broken” and are coming back stronger. I once read that we are not defined by our past; rather, we are prepared by our past! This has certainly been our case to.

I confess that the real reason for writing was that you said you couldn’t eat chocolate anymore. Well, did you know that not all chocolate is created equal!
Let me invite you to visit: www.http://mydrchocolate.soundconcepts.com/drbio.asp
What you read there will make your eyes widen. There is also a FAQs section.

If you are still intrigued, then go to our website http://www.healthychocolateuk.org.uk where you will see that we are currently in pre-launch in the UK, to an amazing healthy chocolate product and a great business opportunity backed by a US debt-free company. This business is going live in the UK on Jan 30th 09 when product will become fully available.

It is no coincedence that I read about your “chocolate misery”. As an fellow entrepreneur, I know you will keep an open mind and take a look. The response we’ve had so far has been massive and people are very excited.

If you see the possibility to be able to eat chocolate again, or even better, see the massive business potential, please contact me. We have a few precious product samples which I could mail you. I see you are based in Chelmsford. We are only an hour away in Gillingham, Kent.

In the meantime, let me encourage you to keep up the good work on MI. You obviously have passion for helping others which sincerely shines through.

We look forward to hearing from you.
With kindest regards
Gary & Liz Guillon
01634 260700

15 11 2008

Hi Gary and Liz- Thank you for your kind words……… Can i help your business in any way. I must admit i lasted on the chocolate ban for six weeks and i have been sneaking (ok i admit it) Ive been guzzling back the chocolate when my Mrs has not been watching but i think that she has caught me out now ! LOL..

Warm comments guys – thank you.

Please let me know what in can do to hekp your business?

Regards Brad

4 01 2009
CashFlow Cindy

Awesome Site! I love your honesty. I’ve attended many Real Estate Seminars and they all stand up in front of the crowd and tell us how easy it is. I am here to tell you, its like climbing a mountain. If you don’t pick yourself back up then your going to fall down the mountain. I love the Al Pacino Clip (true inspiration speach). Can you tell me what movie clip this is from? I would like to purchase it to keep it my library for the raining day when I need to listen to him inspire me to keep going after my dreams/goals.

7 01 2009

Hi Cindy the film is called Any Given Sunday………. a great film and a very inspirational Al Pacino speech

Thx for your kind comments

3 08 2009
William Brown

Hi Bradley,

This is a great idea, and will be very useful to many.

At the moment I am stuck in a position of having a superior solutions and systems than my competitors, but no having the desired clout to effectively penetrate the market.

I have a few deals on the boil but as yet I’m still waiting for them to drop, any advice would be much appreciated.


4 11 2009
Des Vadgama

Just joined MI, Bradley – very impressed with what you guys have done

24 08 2010
phil kenny

Hi Bradley ,

Just joined Raw businees today

Your story and like many others I have read over the last few years is not too dissimilar to mine . 2008/09 was a very challenging time in business for alot of people myself included leaving me bankrupt and divorced end of 08 it seemed a long road personally .I wish at that time I had found your site and information in it .

I now after some time employed need to take the bull by its horns and get back on the road to success and start back in my own business .

“Enthusiasm is a state of mind that inspires and arouses one to put action into the task at hand “.
Napoleon Hill, The Laws of Success

All The Best with your site

3 09 2010
Marios Loizou

Bradley, your website to link B2B people is amazing and with so many successfull people talking and networking I am sure to find the resources and information needed to succeed my company.

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