The Good and Bad in People – Good is Better!

20 05 2009

Hello Everybody

I have  been so overwhelmed recently with the good and bad in people. The good in people can be so motivational, positive and in general good things come from being a good person, whilst in bad people, well only bad things come.

I had two calls of extremes this evening:-

One- Was from a dear friend who is going to a funeral tomorrow of a close friend that passed away recently. He was very upset and is clearly missing him.

Two – Was from a guy who was hell bent on destruction. By deliberately going out of his way to produce negative results.

Why do some people feel that by being bad, destructive, counter productive or just plain stupid feel that it is the best way to win friends and influence people.

None of us are perfect and i would guess that at times we all may have been destuctive, but what a waste of energy. If these people put as much positive energy into everything that they di they would probably become a happy person.

Kind Regards Bradley




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